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Your Business Persona

Do you know how to translate who you are and what you stand for online? If someone meets you in person from what they see online, is there a disconnect? We help you develop your business persona so that it attracts the exact right client and repels the wrong one. This creates a joyful match for all involved.

Embracing The Client Journey

When you are serious about the growth of your business, a business owner develops a process of providing your audience with the kinds of communications and experiences they need, want or like to move from prospects, to clients and then to raving fans.

Your SuperPower

After you’ve determined the your perfect client lifecycle, it’s time to automate and delegate so that you can operate in your superpower. When you continue to spend time doing things 1) you don’t enjoy and 2) you can automate or delegate, you are blocking yourself from the things that make your heart sing.

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Client Attraction Systems is a sales and marketing automation agency that specializes in helping thought leaders amplify and monetize their voice. We help our clients implement 18 income streams for their business utilizing their intellectual property. Our expertise combines deep integration of relationship building, automation, and universal principles. As a Keap Certified Partner, we are experts in sales and marketing automation.

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